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en What is Tellmatic - the newsletter machine?

Tellmatic is free software released under the terms of GPL v2.1 or higher.

Tellmatic - the newsletter machine - is a PHP + MySQL based script (PHP5, Mysql5) to send newsletters.
Use a generic browser like Seamonkey or Firefox to comfortably manage your addresses, forms and newsletters online.

Newsletters are created online using a comfortable WYSIWYG editor (tinyMCE) and/or uploading templates. Images and attachments can be easily added to the newsletters.
Newsletters are stored in groups for e.g. specific topics or recipient groups
Newsletters can be sent as massmail or pesonalized newsletter to as many groups as you want.

You can send your news at a specific date and time by setting up a cronjob for the send routine which checks for new delivery jobs regularly.
For delivery a queue will be created and recipient lists added in a way which prepends double entries. So every recipient gets each letter only once also if he's in more than one recipient group.
All adresses will be doublechecked to regard changes made in the time between creating the queue and delivery.

Adresses are stored in as many recipient groups as you can handle. An address can be a member of one or more address groups.
Import and/or update your existing addresses via CSV. Exporting as CSV is possible too.

Tellmatic will track newsletters by adding a small image or your own logo to the newsletter text. Views and clicks on links in a newsletter which is sent as HTML are detected and get counted

All e-mails will be delivered using SMTP to ensure bouncing mails return to the correct address.
All e-mail addresses will be checked for syntax and delivery errors at delivery time and can be marked as errorness or unsubscribed after a specific count of failures.
The bounce management and database clean-up features will allow you to almost automagically handle failed e-mails.

Create forms with the easy-to-use integrated form editor and create individual forms using your own templates.
Forms can be used as standalone or easily integrated to your website.
Subscriptions will be counted.

E-mail addresses can be checked in three ways (Syntax, MX, complete validation) on manual adding/editing, import and subscriptions via forms to make sure you only get useful addresses to your database.

You can watch a top list and statistics.

Filter and manage emails with blacklist (email, domain, regex)

multiple mailservers for delivery and bouncemanagement

    Server / ISP:
       - Linux oder MacosX, (KEIN Windows/NO Windows, limited and experimental only!)
       - Apache HTTP Server (or similar) => http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi
       - PHP >= 5 => http://www.php.net/downloads.php (Tellmatic is developed and tested with PHP 5.2++ )
           + Imap Library + Mysql + GD-Lib
       - Mysql Datenbank >= v5 (getestet mit Mysql 5.1)
       - Optional: Cronjobs for scheduled mail delivery, PHP CLI oder wget (Cronjobs should execute at least every 5 minutes)
       Standard Mozilla Browser with Javascript support ( Seamonkey or Firefox, IE limited - no support for 24Bit pngs and i don't own a windows pc and license)

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